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Mercedes-Benz GLC presentation

In the refined cabin of the GLC, with every journey you get a whole new level of comfort. It is not just the upright position of the seat, typical for an SUV, but also the comfort functions that have been thought of in detail, thanks to which you can relax in any road conditions. The storage space of GLC is one of the most generous in this vehicle segment.

At peak hours, on long journeys at night or on unknown routes, GLC will make your life easier for stressful traffic situations. This is due to a concept that transforms any Mercedes-Benz travel into a safe and unmatched journey: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Because time spent driving is your time. Time to relax. Time to charge your batteries. To get to your destination first and foremost in safety, but always relaxed.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC Automatic is included in Group P and you need 2 credit cards to rent this car.
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