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weekend car rental

Celebrate Romania's National Day - make it a weekend - with Avis!

Romanians everywhere will be celebrating on the streets, at military parades in Bucharest and Alba Iulia or simply at home with friends and family. Where in our beautiful Romania will you spend this 3-day weekend?

At an age-wreathed monastery in Bucovina; at Citadel Square in Alba Iulia (where in 1918 the great unification of Transylvania, Banat, Bassarabia and Bucovina with Romania was first proclaimed); at a Saxon fortress in Transylvania; in your Grandmother's native village where you spent your childhood summers; at an inn in Maramureș enjoying their traditional hospitality (and food and drink!); at Saint Andrew's Cave in Dobrogea, the first Orthodox Church dug in stone; at one of the other countless sites of natural beauty.

Book your car now. Prices from 19 Euros/day, 3-day minimum rental, from November 30th to December 4.

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